Custom post types

Custom post types

“Custom post types” is the only completely free WordPress plugin that lets you to customize your website without limits.

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FREE version
Custom post types

Post types

Separate the types of content by creating custom post types, directly from the dashboard, perfectly integrated with your CMS


Create and assign infinite taxonomies for native post types (Pages and Posts) and those created through the plugin, organize your content in the best possible way

</> Who said developer?

Custom fields

Custom fields

Custom fields everywhere! Add the custom fields you want to any post type, taxonomies and options pages
Custom templates

Custom templates

Create and style post types easily and intuitively using Gutenberg or any other page builder

And much more coming soon </>

FREE features

  • create custom post types
  • create custom taxonomies (eg: categories, tags, etc.)
  • create custom fields on post types
  • create custom fields on taxonomies
  • create custom fields on users
  • create custom fields on settings pages
  • create custom templates

PRO features

  • create custom post types by code
  • create custom taxonomies by code
  • create custom fields by code
  • export all settings
  • import all settings
  • unlimited PRO updates
  • PRO support priority
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