Admin pages

This documentation for the Custom post types plugin for WordPress allows you to customize all features.

To get professional support you need to make a donation to get the PRO version of the plugin.

You can add as many admin pages as you like, as for the native WordPress admin pages (settings, tools, appearance, …), will be present in the administrative menus.

New admin page using UI

Registering and adding a new admin page to your WordPress website has never been easier directly from the administration area.

  1. From the “Extend / Manage” menu click on the “Admin pages” item;
  2. From the “Admin pages” page at the top click on the “Add admin page” button;
  3. Configure the new admin page and click on the “Publish” button;
  4. The menu item of the new admin page will be added to the main menu or to the chosen sub-menu.


apply_filters( 'cpt_admin_pages_register', $registered_admin_pages )

Filter the registered admin pages data.

  • $registered_admin_pagesarray

    Array of registered admin pages.


add_filter('cpt_admin_pages_register', function($registered_admin_pages){
    $registered_admin_pages[] = [
        'id' => 'custom-options',
        'parent' => null,
        'order' => null,
        'menu_icon' => 'dashicons-admin-generic',
        'title' => 'Custom options',
        'content' => 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elite.',
        'admin_only' => false
    return $registered_admin_pages;
This code is an example, add it to theme’s functions.php file or to custom plugin.
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